For a common purpose

Educational Institutions may preregister now for the university-exclusive landrush, opening on Monday, April 20 14:00 UTC (6am PDT / 9am EDT)

.College is a platform for people and organizations of all types to come together for a common purpose and a common future.

.College offers institutions, businesses, and communities an open namespace to share knowledge and drive innovation.

Although orders will not be completed until Monday, April 20 14:00 UTC, preregistering your .College domains now significantly increases your chances of securing your desired domains.

Since .College domains are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, we cannot guarantee allocation of all domain preregistrations. In some cases, domains may be registry reserved, previously registered, or unavailable due to ICANN policy.


March 17 – April 17

Trademark holder

College Landrush

April 20 – September 22


Early Access Period

September 22 – 29

Public priority

General Availability

September 29

Open to the
general public

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