Why .College

.College is an unrestricted, generic platform for people and organizations of all types to come together for a common purpose and common future.

Discover how you can utilize .College domains to expand your global online presence.

Recruitment, training, and development

Brands can leverage their .College domains to attract college students to their organizations. .College can also be used for internal training and development to strengthen a brand’s mission and culture.

Corporations Services

Recruit and empower your workforce

  • Attract college students to your organization
  • Example domains: NYCinternships.College, LeadershipTraining.College, YourBrand.College

For recruitment portals, HR, training, and development

  • Recruit forward-thinking students for internships or entry-level positions
  • Strengthen your corporate culture through training and development sites
  • Publish the latest HR and internal news for employees

Product how-to’s and workshops

Small businesses and corporations can bolster its content marketing and customer loyalty with engaging how-to and workshop microsites for products and services.

Corporations Services

Attract customers and provide expert content

  • Drive audience growth and shareable content on your own marketing platform
  • Build customer relationships for long-term retention
  • Example domains: HomeImprovement.College, AcroYoga.College, CupcakeRecipes.College, SEOGuide.College

For product how-to’s, workshops, and communities

  • Bring value to your customers with product articles, best practices, or testimonials
  • Engage customers with how-to’s and DIY sites
  • Publish B2B whitepapers on a domain that exhibits your expertise

Marketing and branding

Brand your domain for immediate recognition as a college-related site to draw your target audience.

Corporations Services

Appeal to your target audience with a branded domain

  • Example domains: SportsNews.College, DegreeRankings.College, VacationDeals.College

For targeted microsites and special promotions

  • Target younger audiences
  • Run college-specific promotions
  • Standout with .College domains in your online and offline marketing material

Universities, colleges, and other schools

In the past, educational institutions have faced several restrictions, such as being limited to just one .edu domain per institution, despite being composed of a number of departments and colleges.

In contrast, .College gives institutions a comprehensive platform for all of their needs.

Education Services

Represent your innovation online

  • Further your institution’s mission by expanding your online presence
  • Example domains: BostonResearch.College, BostonEngineering.College

For universities, colleges, departments, research units, primary schools, and secondary schools

  • Target younger audiences
  • Build independent department pages
  • Sell sporting event tickets, school merchandise, books, and school supplies on your website without any commercial-use limitations
  • Showcase new findings and publications

Campus organizations

Showcase your organization and activities on an authoritative .College domain

Lifestyle Services

Establish a reputable online presence

  • Connect with your campus audience through your .College domain
  • Example domains: PiThetaBeta.College, DailyNews.College

For campus organizations, athletics, and related businesses

  • Draw visitors to your upcoming activities
  • Highlight your organization’s mission and achievements
  • Promote special events on a standout domain

Faculty, students, and staff

Showcase your expertise on an authoritative .College domain

Individual Services

Represent your expertise online

  • Showcase your expertise, research, resume, or C.V. on your personal domain
  • Example domains: ProfessorSmith.College, Jane.College

For professors, researchers, students, and staff

  • Highlight recent publications or research findings
  • Create dedicated pages for your academic achievements